IGM Art Gallery Advisors Observe "Magical Reading Competition" organized by the Joint Educational Project’s USC ReadersPlus program in partnership with United Voices of Literacy (UVOL)

Leah Sayles and Lynn Crandall with Harry Potter Poster - Photo by Jill Miller
Leah Sayles and Lynn Crandall celebrating collaborative community capacity building
Lynn Crandall & George Szabo, IGM AG Documentary Committee Chair, observe impressive student performance
Mistress of Ceremonies, Babe Evans, who led students through the presentations
November 12, 2016
USC Galen Center

The USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences offered students instruction and practice in dramatic oral reading during a four-week after-school course. UVOL volunteers joined USC ReadersPlus staff to coach fifth-grade students as they read aloud from Rowling’s bestseller. Their collaboration culminated in the Magical Reading Competition on Saturday, Nov. 12 held at the USC Galen Center.       

Left click on top photo to activate slideshow & captions.                                                Photos by Jill Miller

IGM Art Gallery Advisory Council members, Director, Lynn Crandall, Chair of Documentary Committee, George Szabo, and Event Coordinator, Jill Miller, were invited to observe the event by their partner, Leah Sayles, founder and president of United Voices of Literature (UVOL).  

Organized by the Joint Educational Project's USC ReadersPlus program in partnership with (UVOL), a nonprofit that uses a research-based literacy program to teach basic literacy skills using phonics and music, this event  followed the Global Development Forum, Spiritual Matrices/Free Will: Uniting the People to Divide and Conquer the Challenges of Rapid Change that the IGM AG hosted on Sunday, February 14, 2016. (see more >>)

The mission of the USC Institute for Genetic Medicine Art Gallery is to serve as an incubator for social capital.  To carry out their mission, the Advisory Council Members develop and sustain partnerships with leaders from the Public, Private, Nonprofit, Faith-Based, Academic and Media sectors.  The opportunity to observe and document the outcomes of this program and meet the leaders of this partnership between USC Dornsife School and United Voices of Literature was enthusiastically seized by the IGM AG Advisory Council Members.

The Institute for Genetic Medicine Art Gallery and our partners organize exhibitions and programs for local, self-organized events that bring leaders together to share and leverage existing resources.   Incubating economic self-sufficiency, social justice and innovative institutional transformation is our mission. 

Gallery projects combine video examples and live speakers to spark deep discussion and connection within small groups that then share discussion conclusions in plenary sessions. These projects are designed to provide general guidance for Public, Private, Nonprofit, Faith-Based, Academic and Media leaders to inspire activism among their constituents after mindful discussion on:
• How to develop partnerships with leaders from 6 sectors
• How to generate cross organizational and cross department sharing and leveraging of existing resources and manpower
• How to attract underwriting for events
• How organization leaders can serve to develop capital philanthropy, creating new jobs and evolutionary institutional transformation
• How to use information technology to produce leveraged return on social and capital investment

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