USC IGM Art Gallery Hosts Opening Reception for Inner Self/Outer World

Opening Reception Guests in IGM Art Gallery's Harkness Lecture Hall
Wonju Choi discussing Inner Self with USC School of Pharmacy international exchange students
Brian Flynn, Patent, Prosecution & Patent attorney, Guest of Keck Med Grad Student, Diana Schall who officiated @reception table
IGM Artist, Mike Becker discusses INNER SELF with Wonju Choi
Jou Jou Papailler explaining Meisner Technique of Acting to enhance INNER SELF
Ramon Cabrara on camera as Jou Jou works with acting class to demo dramatic process
Lael Belove explains the YES salon & Import and Power of Your Essential Self
Community Artist, Naomi Scully employs the Meisner Method.  She's preparing an exhibition for a future IGM AG show
Outer World Artist, David Jang; IGM AG Director, Lynn Crandall; Internationally recognized Art Critic, Peter Frank
Alex Choi, Office Operation Manager, Busan Trade Office, Los Angeles with guest. Alex is a USC Alum.
July 10, 2016
USC IGM Art Gallery 2250 Alcazar Street on the USC Health Science Campus

Inner Self/Outer World,  on exhibition at the USC Institute for Genetic Medicine Art Gallery through October, 2016, was opened to the public on Sunday July 10.  The exhibition prompts open minded dialogs on moral, ethical and compassionate stances the individual can take when caught up in ever-changing geopolitical and institutional transformation.  It poses questions about the scientific process, the human relationship to science, nature and social order, as well as art and spiritual exploration.  The opening reception was hosted by the IGM Art Gallery Advisory Council, the YES Salon and Papailler Creative.  The audience consisted of leaders from the public, private, nonprofit, faith-based, academic and media communities from Greater LA and a group of international exchange students visiting at the USC School of Pharmacy. To View Slide Show, right click once on top photo.  The photo will enlarge and show a caption - advance through slide show by clicking forward arrow on upper right of the photo.

Internationally recognized artists whose work is featured in the exhibition made presentations to small groups during a one hour exhibition tour.  Korean-American artist Wonju Choi, creator of Inner Self,  predominantly uses acrylic paint and graphite to explore meaningful connections within and around her. Choi received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cornell University and a Master of Art Therapy from Pratt Institute. David Jang, Korean-American creator of Outer World,  is known for inventive kinetic installations employing hacked consumer electronics and subverted household appliances. Consumer materials and electronics, with their life’s instructions coded into their mother boards, are the building blocks of Jang’s practice. He examines and remixes these codes to discover the hidden subtexts and hierarchies they uphold. Jou Jou Papailler, presented a mini workshop at the opening reception.  A former regular on Sesame Street, he is director of Papailler Creative, a TV/Film Production Department and has taught English and Adult ESL for Catholic Charities.  Susan Sims-Hillbrand presented her Spiritual Matrices exhibition to exchange students associated with Professor Eunjoo Pacifici, faculty from the USC School of Pharmacy at the opening reception, along with the other artists who presented their works.  Artist Mike Saijo, LA-based contemporary mixed media artist and Chair of the IGM Art Gallery Advisory Council's Young Professionals Committee assisted in installing the exhibition and promoting it to the USC community and neighboring communities. 

Lael Belove, Founder/Director, of the YES Salon, screened a video about the YES Salon and explained the importance  of the mission YourEssentialSelf. She encouraged the participants to ask the question “What am I saying YES to?” as pathway to making changes in our inner and outer worlds.

Certificates of commendation from LA County Supervisor, Hilda Solis, were presented by Public Policy Committee Chair, Robert Donin and committee member Steven Gallergos to Artist Mike Becker for his exhibition Free Will/Positive Moment  and Susan Sims-Hillbrand for her exhibition Spiritual Matrices: Penlight Performances/Poetic Prayers. CLICK  to see video of presentation .  Both exhibitions were featured in the IGM Art Gallery's November - February 2016 exhibition and Hillbrand remains an artist in "resonance" in the Lab Wing of the IGM Art Gallery.  This and all IGM AG events with our partners are documented by the steadfast IGM AG DocCom and partners: George Szabo, Chris Toussaint, assisted by YES Salon's Ramon Cabrera.

" I enjoyed the opportunity to connect with such a diverse group of talented people and look forward to more collaborations at IGM," stated Jou Jou Papallier.