USC IGM Art Gallery Hosts Public/Faith-Based Steering Committee Launch

r-l Farid Haqq, Business Consultant, Rev. Cecil Murray, Connie Gillet, USC Public Policy Alum, Robert Donin, Al Garrett, etc.
Jim Beddows, Palo Alto Research Consultant & IGM Art Gallery Strategic Planning Committee chair explaining The Decision Platform
Trade Tech Professor, Marcela Oliva discussing complex socio-economic issues - roots of Conscious Evolution and Mindful S
Jill Miller, IGM AG Event Coordinator explaining the Gallery's mission to develop social capital through sharing and leveraging
Nils De Mol Van Otterloo linking our discussion to TDP  IT coordinator,  John Cho in Palo Alto
Crystal Wells and Diana Schall listening to Jim Beddows explaining The Decision Platform
Crystal & Diana listen to Steering Committee discussion on Prevention &Healing-a mindful step toward conscious evolution
Nils De Mol Van Otterloo, Crystal Wells, Vocalist,Musician, Community Activist in Skid Row and beyond, with USC Alum, Attorney D
Diana Schall explaining the Town & Gown donor recognition process
Diana Schall explains Town & Gown Alumni Scholarship Fund accomplishments and mission
William Shepherd, Documentary Film Maker, George Szabo, USC IGM AG Documentary Chair, Nils De Mol Van Otterloo, IGM AG Research
March 17, 2017 - 8:00am - 10:00am
USC Institute for Genetic Medicine Art Gallery, 2240 Alcazar Street 2nd Floor

Following a preliminary meeting with Professor Nicolas Duquette, Assistant Professor at the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy,  IGM AG Strategic Planning Committee Chair, Jim Beddows suggested the IGM AG begin to establish a steering committee consisting of leaders from six sectors.  The launch of the steering committee formation began on Friday, March 17 with a few leaders from the faith-based community exploring with the IGM Public Policy Committee Chair, Robert Donin and USC Public Policy Alum, Connie Gillet leading them in discussion with IGM AG Strategic Planning Committee Chair, Jim Beddows.

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Dr. Duquette's research uses the tools of economics, politics and history to trace the development and behavior of nonprofit organizations and one of his students, Wenyan Xu, is a Price School Mentee at the IGM AG.  Duquette teaches courses in nonprofit management informed by an interdisciplinary perspective and is currently researching the adaptations of charities to changes in government grants and tax subsidies, with particular focus on the changes brought by the Johnson-era War on Poverty. Duquette and colleague Martha Bailey won the Arthur Cole Prize for the best article in the Journal of Economic History for 2013-2014, for their paper, “How Johnson fought the War on Poverty: The Economics and Politics of Funding at the Office of Economic Opportunity.”

IGM AG Strategic Planning Chair, Jim Beddows and his colleages have founded an IT decision making tool, The Decision Platform, that fits into the scope and scale of Duquett's research and provides a learning experience for our mentee.   Billion-dollar corporations trust TDP to match them with the innovations that grow revenue and help them stay ahead of the curve.  This tech scout process brings strong evidence based probability to innovative start up businesses and corporations seeking each other in efficient, rapid response. Using proprietary data-driven systems and expert innovation consultants, TDP finds the technologies that match the goals of mature corporations and the innovative start ups that need to develop under senior corporate wings.  Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, TDP draws its team from executives with years of experience at fortune 500 companies and billion-dollar unicorn startups and provides inclusive, noncompetitive, transparent, accountable consultation to students, startups and mature corporations.

Trade Tech Professor Marcela Oliva explained the mission of  ENCOUNTERLA and demonstrated how its organizational hubs throughout Los Angeles County are working on internal organization and sending tensegrity spokes out to each other for sharing and leveraging resources and manpower across organizational and departmental boundaries.  Specifically, she demonstrated the Tiny House Project she and her students have designed at Trade Tech to meed the pressing need for green clean housing for our Vets and mentally challenged homeless population. Michael Rendler, AIA explained his work with NASA and geospacial 3D imaging that can help all citizens envision intended outcomes and the steps to achieve them, so it will be possible for everyone to have the patience and understanding to make wise decisions while we work together patiently on our vision of Conscious Evolution and becoming stewards of self, others and the planet.

The USC Institute for Genetic Medicine Art Gallery's mission is to serve as an incubator for social capital.  IGM AG exhibitions, steering committees and forums bring those from each of the 6 sectors seeking to better understand conscious evolutionary process and stewardship of self others and the planet together in exciting, problem solving projects based on academic research and the latest information technology tools.  TDP's comprehensive process meets the IGM AG aims to prevent and heal physical, mental, spiritual and social dis-ease BEFORE symptoms of imbalance outstrip practical wisdom solutions.