West LA College Hosts Reachers Club Poetry Lounge Discussion on Womanism and Feminism

Keynote speaker, Ms. Chimbuko Tembo, Associate Director, African American Cultural Center,addressing global history of Womanism
Ronisha Hayden presenting inspiring opening poem
Divinity Warmsley presenting the Reachers Club's Mission
Professor Lisa Cain defines the psychology of Womanism and the founding of the Reachers Club
WLAC videographer documenting the event
WLAC Professor Porter commending the organizers and the vision
Ronisha and Divinity modeling the essence of womanism, the spirit of collaboration
Gloria Orenstein, Writer-Feminist and Lael Belove, Director, the Yes Salon
WLAC Professor Lisa Cain with Reachers Club and Audience Members
Lynn Crandall, USC IGM Art Gallery; Gloria Orenstein & Lael Belove,  Yes Salon
Chef with his pies
The Event included visual art, culinary art, poetry and love!
Event MCs, Divinity Warmsley and Ronisha Hayden, models of Womanism
Guest, Nina Smart, Susan Hillbrand, Lynn Crandall at UN Holiday Gathering
December 10, 2015 - 12:30pm - 2:30pm
West LA College Black Box Theater

The USC Institute for Genetic Medicine Art Gallery and partners from the Yes Salon attended the discussion on Womanism and Feminism organized by WLAC students, Reachers Club founding members,  Ronisha Hayden and   Divinity Warmsley, at West Los Angeles College on Thursday, December 10. A click on the lead photo above will open the slide show of event photos and captions.  

Young Professional organizers, Ronisha Hayden and Divinity Warmsley, opened the program to address Womanism and Feminism with their heartfelt commitment to generate mindful stewardship of self, others and the planet.  

Sparking the inspiring intergenerational, diverse, interactive discussion , Keynote speaker, Ms. Chimbuko Tembo, Associate Director, African American Cultural Center, stated her personal and organizational mission. "Kawaida womanism involves the ongoing struggle directed toward reaffirming the equal dignity and divinity of Black women, achieving and protecting their human and civil rights, and increasing their capacity to live free, full and fulfilling lives in relationships of reciprocity and good."

Founded by WLAC Professor Arnita Porter, The Reachers Club recruited Ronisha Hayden to serve as a model leader for her generation.  Ronisha was drawn to the organization, because she says, "As a child, it always troubled me to see someone hurt. I always offered to help the downtrodden in any way I could. This skill of empathy and compassion, was passed down from my grandmother to me."

Ronisha tells of the day her grandmother stopped to have a conversation with a homeless man. Before leaving, she hugged him, to the astonishment of her granddaughter.  "He was filthy! I asked her why she would do such a thing, and her response changed my world forever. I learned that I should not judge someone based on appearance, for a person's exterior only covers the soul which connects us all together, and no soul is exempt from love."  Ronisha attributes the morals and values installed in her family by her grandmother for preparing her to meet the challenges encountered on her life's journey and the tough lessons of life.

"I didn't quite know what I wanted to do my second time around in college. I went from being financially stable because of a 9-5,  to being fired and having nothing at all. My goal was to find a way to help myself and my family by helping others. A dear friend suggested I teach people how to be me...how to be nice and make people feel welcomed and appreciated. He told me I had a gift to show people they are important.  I recognized Dr. Porter's Reachers Club as my opportunity to reach my potential in this work," Ronisha stated.

Ronisha and her dynamic leadership partner, Divinity Warmsly, explained the vision of The Reachers Club to promote peace, love, and unity through self-awareness and service to others. These young leaders specialize in the art of service and community outreach, providing the club's members service etiquette training that they may take advantage of opportunities to serve in the community or through internships. The focus is to connect individuals with the resources and training needed to build and unite healthy communities.

The Reachers Club founding members are: Divinity Warmsley, Quincey Coleman, Tabu Marshall, Van Hurley, Imani Clark, Aumahn, and  Ronisha Hayden. They are  supported by a long list of mentors including Dr. Arnita Porter, Dr. Lisa Cain, PR Manager Michelle Long-coffee, and Lynn Crandall, Director of the USC Institute for Genetic Medicine Art Gallery.

Reachers Club can be found via Facebook,  Instagram, and Twitter @ReachersClub. The Reachers Club website www.reachersclub.com is under consruction.. If interested in becoming a member or donating to our cause, email us at reachersclub@gmail.com

The founding members and advisers look forward to all future partnerships working toward understanding and unity within the human race.