artAngels is a collaboration that brings together many entities and individuals. In addition to the organizations, businesses and volunteers that contribute talent and services to our mission, we would like to extend special thanks to the following:

Institute for Genetic Medicine, USC

The mission of The Institute for Genetic Medicine Art Gallery is to serve as an art-framed forum for open-minded, deliberative discussions on complex social issues that interface with the creative process and findings of research in molecular biology, health and social systems.  Since 2000, the Gallery has offered a wide range of art exhibits and educational symposiums for student and community leaders on the USC Health Sciences Campus.  The USC Institute for Genetic Medicine Art Gallery is a Member of the international Society for the Arts in Healthcare

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Netpop Research, LLC

San Francisco, CA

McDermott, Will & Emery, Attorneys at Law

Washington, D.C.

eLearning Zoom

eLearningZoom is dedicated to developing and offering advanced and user-friendly online training solutions. In turn, experts and training professionals will be able to build, deliver, and manage online training solutions for employees, partners, and prospective clients anytime and anywhere.


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Monarex Hollywood Corporation has worked in partnership with Monarex Hollywood's Mysterious China Series on a number of occasions related to the USC Institute for Genetic Medicine's Global Forums and exhibits. The Mysterious China Series was created to explore the 5000 year epic cultural heritage of what was once called the Middle Kingdom.  The Series links this epic culture to the contemporary advances being made today. is pleased to link its arts and cultural mission to the local and global citizen diplomacy mission of Monarex Hollywood Corporation.

The Mysterious China Series takes armchair viewers to remote places in China, where few Westerners have gone before. This unique series gives an inside look at the rich and magic history of these rarely seen regions and leaves it to the viewer to envision and intuit the impact of the rich cultural past on the accomplishments of today.

As of June 2011, Monarex has produced and distributed 8 films in the MYSTERIOUS CHINA franchise:
MARCO POLO'S SHANGRI-LA (Telly Award for Excellence, '07)
MARCO POLO'S ROOF OF THE WORLD (Telly Award for Excellence, '07 / Silver Houston Award '08)
SECRETS OF THE SILK ROAD (Gold Houston Award '08)
HOLY MOUNTAIN (Accolade for Excellence '09, Silver Houston Award '09)
LAND OF LEGENDS (Silver Houstan Award '10)
DALI - Love At First Sight (Accolade for Exellence '11, Pixel Award '11)

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Featuring young professionals from the IGM Art Gallery Young Professionals Committee, as well as IGM Art Gallery Director and Board Member, Lynn Crandall and a number of members of Sister Cities International SoCal Board of Directors and SCI SoCal SCA constituents.

Dali World Premiere Reception>>>

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Los Angeles/Nagoya Sister Cities Affiliation (LANSCA)





Transmersive Media Lab

Transmersive Medicine uses new media, immersive entertainment, interactive experiences and environmental design to transform the medical patient experience. Transmersive Medicine Media Laboratory designs, develops, engineers, implements and tests media, technology, programs and methodologies for the purpose of reducing and distracting from the pain, stress, fear, anxiety and confusion of hospitals, procedures, therapies and treatments.   See More>>>

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IGM Art Gallery Partners at Visions & Voices Present "ANTIGONA"


Soledad Barrio and Noche Flamenca: Antigona

Wednesday, March 1, at 7:30 p.m.

Bovard Auditorium  -  University Park Campus
Admission is free.

Don’t miss Antigona, Martin Santagelo’s stunning flamenco interpretation of Sophocles’ Antigone, performed by Noche Flamenca and starring flamenco superstar Soledad Barrio as a disenfranchised woman struggling against patriarchal authority.


The Decision Platform (TDP)

Jim Beddows, IGM AG Advisor, Chair of Strategic Planning Committee and CEO of TDP is a proven Intrepreneur, a manager within a company who promotes innovative product development and marketing.  He is a creator of new markets and ecosystems for GE, PepsiCo, Disney, Fox, Microsoft, PARC  SEE RECENT RESOURCES HERE CLICK

IGM AG partners with TDP because it creates a flat playing field for anyone who can use a computer to access probability based, choice making data.  TDP bridges the Innovation Gap.  Billion-dollar corporations trust TDP to match them with the innovations that grow revenue and help them stay ahead of the curve while operating with conscious evolutionary mindfulness to ensure all participants have access to information and resources needed to reach their full potential.

The tech scout processes of all TDP partners will have access to proprietary data-driven systems and expert innovation consultants, TDP finds the technologies that match the goals of all participants.

TDP is based in the heart of Silicon Valley, and draws its team from executives with years of experience at fortune 500 companies and billion-dollar unicorn startups.

Jim Beddows' Experience:

  • Breakthrough-Innovation Consultant for New Business Development, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) Dates EmployedMar 2014 – Jul 2015  Employment Duration1 yr 5 mosLocationPalo Alto, California.                                                                                     Core Problem: For its commercial offerings, PARC positioned its R&D capabilities across its hardware and software labs as point solutions being sold into corporate middle management.                                                                                                                  Key Solution: Helped lead a PARC strategy reboot transitioning its business model from selling point solutions to a “valued-advisor” solutions model targeting strategic innovation challenges at the C Suite level for Fortune Group and Global 2000 companies. PARC’s new sales process focused on delivering a range of technology solutions tied to new industry business models being driven by the Internet of Everything and accelerating technology advances. Developed the business process to cut through to the Global 2000 C-Level for agile business development and to mitigate risk for both PARC and the potential client. Led the partnership and product strategy, proof of concept, and beta tests with clients reducing PARC’s business development/sales cycles by over 70%, that produced strategic engagements with global industry leaders such as Daikin Industries, Ltd of Osaka, Japan.    

  • The Decision Platform -Acting CEO and Investor, Dates Employed: 2013 – Present; Location Calabasas, CA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Core Problem: 53% of college graduates are under or unemployed with an average of $29,000 in student-loan debt.  This start up project is working through the USC IGM Art Gallery to solve for high school students' pain points and use cases.                                             Key Solution: Founder of a startup benefit corporation focused on combining Big Data analytics, predictive algorithms, cognitive research and content to a multi-screen, Mobile Platform-As-A-Service and Enterprise app to help users make better decisions sooner. Created vision, formed team, raised initial seed round capital, developed prototype architecture, and initiated alliances with enterprise companies and other institutions including University of Southern California. First application of platform: helping secondary students to align their educational and vocational paths.                                                          
  • 2ergo group plc (a Microsoft partner company)- Director and Senior Vice President of Global Business Development and StrategyCompany, Dates Employed2009 – 2013  Employment Duration4 yrs: LocationLos Angeles, CA                                                                                                                                                                        Core Problem: 2ego needed to generate new mobile business lines to augment its premium SMS services and mobile-internet site businesses.                                                       Key Solution: Oversaw a strategy shift to a managed-services business model, faster and more directed product innovation, and partnered with Microsoft R&D. Directly led the partnership and product strategy, proof of concept, and beta test with Microsoft, 3M and Wendy’s International enabling 2ergo to provide an innovative, mobile solution closing the retail loop with consumers throughout their shopping journeys.                                                
  • Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF)- Special Advisor to the Global Board. Dates EmployedJan 2010 – Dec 2010  Employment Duration12 mos, LocationLos Angeles, CA      Core Problem: MEF America's business model to generate revenues was broken.        Key Solutions: Switched from a high-risk/high reward events model to driving revenue growth through increased corporate memberships. Expanded the board of directors and increased their involvement in high-visibility initiatives to better the mobile entertainment industry. Expanded the footprint of MEF Americas to Canada and Latin America to drive memberships and revenues.

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Raphael Margolin, IGM Art Gallery Adviser for Cognitive Decline Prevention & Healing of Older Adults

Raphael Margolin brings a unique blend of entrepreneurship as the founder and CEO of the nonprofit Aging Artistically. The organization’s main focus is to teach improvisational comedy to older adults. The goal is  to help them to maintain and improve their cognition.

Raphael brings excellent networking skills which he honed as he completed his Master of Science in Gerontology at USC. As a USC student and employee he worked with the Edward R. Roybal Institute on Aging, the Institute for Integrative Medicine, and the School of Dramatic Arts. He has a passion for personal and professional development as he has attended and participated in many conferences over the years. These include American Society on Aging annual conference, Leading Age national conference, USC What’s Hot in Aging and many more.

Raphael has over fifteen years’ experience as an educator and possesses a Master’s in Educational Administration. He is experienced in training other educators as well as developing curriculum.

Raphael’s motivation is both personal and professional. He has always felt a connection to older adults through the wisdom that they possess. In 1979, when Raphael was ten years old, Raphael’s maternal grandmother developed Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately, at the time very little was known about the condition and neither Raphael nor his family could be of much assistance to her. She played many instruments including guitar and piano and taught piano in her home. She was hospitalized shortly after being diagnosed and didn’t continue to have access to her music. Raphael wants to ensure that future grandmothers can always have access to the arts. This is his mission as the USC IGM Advisor for Cognitive Decline Prevention and Healing for Older Adults.

Raphael consults in multiple partnerships throughout USC and surrounding communities of both campuses.