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IGM Art Gallery Hosts Partnership Planning Meeting

January 13, 2016

A dynamic group of leaders met on Wednesday, January 13 hosted by  IGM AG Development Director, Marina Schwabic and IGM AG Director Lynn Crandall.  Attending the meeting were Christopher Toussaint, David Sonnenschein, Wendy Kelley, Marina Schwabic, Leah Sayles, Stuart Fordyce, George Szabo and Lynn Crandall.  They discussed ways to bring together leaders of 6 sectors: public, private, nonprofit, faith-based, academic and media, to address Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors’ agreement to take action on a sweeping economic plan to move the region further into the 21st Century. click top photo for Slideshow by George Szabo

The motion, co-authored by board Chair, Hilda Solis and Chair Pro Tempore, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, directs county CEO Sachi A. Hamai to evaluate a five-year plan by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp. (LAEDC).

The group discussed ways to use information technology, film, art, forums, workshops and events in collaboration with leaders of six sectors across LA County.  The goals are to:

  • Invest in people to provide greater opportunity
  • Strengthen the county’s leading export-oriented industry clusters
  • Accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Be more business-friendly
  • Remove barriers to critical infrastructure development, financing and delivery
  • Increase global connectedness
  • Build more livable communities

This team is identifying others willing to share and leverage existing resources and collaborate in self-organizing and sustaining community capacity building to back the county’s economic plan. This inclusive, noncompetitive, transparent and accountable collaboration is being designed to place children, youth, their families, health and culture in the forefront of decision making.  The arts, health care, science and education tools the group suggested using will be organized and presented to the 6 sector leaders.

The world is on the brink of unprecedented transformation in the areas of Global Health, Global Environment, Global built and landscape  Development and Global Peace and Security.  Within our reach are a thriving and just, net-zero emissions economy, strong global health and education systems.  These and many other transformations are interdependent, complex and of necessity must take a collaborative approach.

Innovation management and  intrepreneurism that combines emerging technologies with successful business models to share and leverage break-through innovation while sustaining balanced infrastructure is the challenge of our times. Those businesses leading the transition will be the first to benefit.

Behaviors that lead to collaboration promoted by the B Team:
• Lead by example:  Do what you say; say what you do
• Plan for delivery, Bring in the small businesses fresh with new technology to put wind under the wings of the big corporations to prevent stagnation.
• Envision and develop a world powered by sun, wind, and other innovations – a fuel price at $40 a barrel – will benefit schools hospitals and the vast majority of the world
• Success will come when we can sit in the same room and agree to collaborate in sustainable, organic waste free closed systems.
• Incubating  Social capital is a prime goal
• Girls and women must promote that there is no dignity in you when others next to you are oppressed.  No one is free until we’re all free!  Goal is to see every sector take responsibility: Look inward and say, “How can I do more?”  Not to do for; do WITH others.  Lay a spiral for local to global peer relationships that build foundations for others to build on and sustain them.
• New definition of business – make global goals relevant to company, customers and the Globe
• Rajive Joshi  from the B Team says – Galvanize a system of those willing to lead by example, willing to use voice and stand up for stewardship and  influence behind and in front of the scene.

The world’s most innovative and ambitious leaders are discussing how business can help meet the Global Goals for sustainable development and the critical role we can all play in accelerating the transition. Members of the B Team include: Sir Richard Branson, Sharan Burrow, Bob Collymore, David Crane, Arianna Huffington, Dr. Mo Ibrahim, Guilherme Leal, Graca Machel, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Paul Polman, Johan Rockstrom, Anne Simpson, Mark Wilson, Paul van Zyl.

IGM Art Gallery Board Room


January 13, 2016