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VIP PREVIEW GALA NIGHT: Subconscious Communication/Biological Instinct by Nikki Anand

August 7, 2015

A SPECIAL Opening Reception DINNER, DISCUSSION and PRESIDENTIAL AWARD CEREMONY launched Artist Nikki Anand’s Subconscious Communication/Biological Instinct  exhibition on Friday, AUGUST 7, 2015. 

Attendees learned more about the major health issues plaguing the globe, and possible solutions the global healthcare industry has to offer from John Matlick, President, K10 Technologies, Inc. Professor Terrance Wolfe  presented details about the Marshall School’s commitment to: 1) fully engage Southern California as a learning lab for student programs and experiences as well as faculty development and research. 2) Infuse students, faculty, staff, and other members of the USC Marshall community with an entrepreneurial mindset.3) Emphasize the development of critical-thinking, communication, and team-building skills among Marshall students.  Jim Beddows, High-Impact General Manager with a track record of generating large revenue increases through emerging technologies demonstrated the tremendous technology depth and experience available to create practical revenue growth for businesses and nonprofit enterprises. He shared his experience and knowledge gained in his 18 years in mobile, digital, predictive data analytics, big data, and cutting-edge advances in behavioral psychology.

Guests enjoyed haute cuisine created by Richard Petty, President and CEO of OKRA Restaurant Group, Inc. and learned more about economic and workforce development from Mr. Petty’s experienced- based learning in SEC compliant business practice.


Environmental Directions Radio Interview by Nancy Pearlman with Artist Nikki Anand, Los Angeles CLICK  The exhibition daily provided an inspiring atmosphere for scientists, students, administrators and patients, as well as forums and workshops in collaboration with gallery partners CLICK  The IGM AG is promoting the exhibition and its concepts on social media CLICK

Thank you for your interest in Subconscious Communication/Biological Instinct.  Its rich complexities of geopolitical realities and their socio-psychological impact have been subjects of a four month study and focus for events considering art, science and interpersonal communications in their broadest sense.  The exhibit and associated events probed how knowledge of structural laws of nature, the scientific process and stewardship of them can aid us in social decision making to ensure sustainable natural and institutional systems.

The tensions between the individual and geopolitical forces constitute artist Nikki Anand’s inspiring, asthetic, exploration of how a harmonic balance of these tensions is within our grasp.  The exhibition is a tool to open discussion on navigating today’s profoundly changing world.  To confront the daunting task of building new frameworks for conscious evolution, mindful stewardship, a collective vision, and a road map into the deep future are required.

The IGM Art Gallery, our colleagues in other USC departments and leaders in the surrounding community are identifying the challenges associated with this fast paced, global change and seeking change management solutions. The images in this exhibit provide intuitive information on the spirit of creation and the fortitude to deal not only with specific challenges, but with complex challenges requiring multi-tasking, mindful collaboration and care giving at every step.

To do this collectively, we need a sound grasp of where we were and where we are as individuals, biological families, institutions, communities and ultimately the global family.  Honoring the past, confronting what’s real, and using existing resources creatively equips us to imagine and invent a bright future for coming generations.  Nikki’s art and discussions on it have aided us in passing this legacy to the next generation.  CLICK to see scientists and visitors using the gallery.

Direct questions or requests for more information to lynn.crandall@gmail.com or 213-705-7489.


August 7, 2015