has worked in partnership with Monarex Hollywood’s Mysterious China Series on a number of occasions related to the USC Institute for Genetic Medicine’s Global Forums and exhibits. The Mysterious China Series was created to explore the 5000 year epic cultural heritage of what was once called the Middle Kingdom.  The Series links this epic culture to the contemporary advances being made today. is pleased to link its arts and cultural mission to the local and global citizen diplomacy mission of Monarex Hollywood Corporation.

The Mysterious China Series takes armchair viewers to remote places in China, where few Westerners have gone before. This unique series gives an inside look at the rich and magic history of these rarely seen regions and leaves it to the viewer to envision and intuit the impact of the rich cultural past on the accomplishments of today.

As of June 2011, Monarex has produced and distributed 8 films in the MYSTERIOUS CHINA franchise:
MARCO POLO’S SHANGRI-LA (Telly Award for Excellence, ’07)
MARCO POLO’S ROOF OF THE WORLD (Telly Award for Excellence, ’07 / Silver Houston Award ’08)
SECRETS OF THE SILK ROAD (Gold Houston Award ’08)
HOLY MOUNTAIN (Accolade for Excellence ’09, Silver Houston Award ’09)
LAND OF LEGENDS (Silver Houstan Award ’10)
DALI – Love At First Sight (Accolade for Exellence ’11, Pixel Award ’11)

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Featuring young professionals from the IGM Art Gallery Young Professionals Committee, as well as IGM Art Gallery Director and Board Member, Lynn Crandall and a number of members of Sister Cities International SoCal Board of Directors and SCI SoCal SCA constituents.

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