Raphael Margolin brings a unique blend of entrepreneurship as the founder and CEO of the nonprofit Aging Artistically. The organization’s main focus is to teach improvisational comedy to older adults. The goal is  to help them to maintain and improve their cognition.

Raphael brings excellent networking skills which he honed as he completed his Master of Science in Gerontology at USC. As a USC student and employee he worked with the Edward R. Roybal Institute on Aging, the Institute for Integrative Medicine, and the School of Dramatic Arts. He has a passion for personal and professional development as he has attended and participated in many conferences over the years. These include American Society on Aging annual conference, Leading Age national conference, USC What’s Hot in Aging and many more.

Raphael has over fifteen years’ experience as an educator and possesses a Master’s in Educational Administration. He is experienced in training other educators as well as developing curriculum.

Raphael’s motivation is both personal and professional. He has always felt a connection to older adults through the wisdom that they possess. In 1979, when Raphael was ten years old, Raphael’s maternal grandmother developed Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately, at the time very little was known about the condition and neither Raphael nor his family could be of much assistance to her. She played many instruments including guitar and piano and taught piano in her home. She was hospitalized shortly after being diagnosed and didn’t continue to have access to her music. Raphael wants to ensure that future grandmothers can always have access to the arts. This is his mission as the USC IGM Advisor for Cognitive Decline Prevention and Healing for Older Adults.

Raphael consults in multiple partnerships throughout USC and surrounding communities of both campuses.