The “Molecular and Social Systems: Learning through Creative Exploration” exhibit opened July 12 at the Keck School of Medicine of USC’s Institute for Genetic Medicine Art Gallery, melding art, medicine and social activism that promotes physical and social healing.  State Senator Kevin de Leon congratulated the artists with certificates of commendation for their efforts.  Event moderator, Marcela Oliva, Architecture and Environmental Design Leader for the LATTC Green Workforce Division and founder of Encounter, a network of networks, spoke to the level of interdependence the artists of Molecular and Social Systems had envisioned and stated, “We can and must develop the right relationships and patterns to bring order, balance, and harmony to our communities and to the Earth.”

The opening reception on Saturday, July 12 featured artists’ talks by Lori Shocket, MD, creator of the Human Element Project and Mike Saijo, creator of the Soft Machine Project.  Keck School of Medicine’s Helena Chang Chui, MD Professor of Neurology; Chair, Department of Neurology, internationally recognized for her research in Alzheimer disease and vascular cognitive impairment, presented a moving Keynote address on the importance of an integrative, holistic balance between traditional Western medical practice and substantive Complementary and Alternative approaches.  Nestor Requeno, Director of Intergovernmental Relations & Multimedia at Los Angeles County – Dept. of Public Social Services spoke on the importance of supporting children, youth, their families and communities in developing mindful stewardship of self, communities and the environment.  Philip D. Lumb, MB, BS, MCCM,  Professor of Anesthesiology; Chair, Department of Anesthesiology and CenterChief of Staff/Immediate Past President Attending Staff Association, LAC+USC Medical Center congratulated the USC Institute for Genetic Medicine Art Gallery for its fourteen years of promoting physical and social healing through the arts and health care.  Thirteen year old, Kramer Middle School student, Gauri Deepa-Sreelal presented art work depicting her recent experiences in India confronting health challenges and the need for mindful stewardship in prevention and healing.  Gauri’s mentor, Cal State San Francisco alum, Artist, Keeley Ahearn, stated her sense of accomplishment in helping,  “… others see art as a career in a new light!.  I was reminded, through this experience as to why I love the arts- because of its power to connect people from all ages and all walks of life.”

The exhibit runs through Oct. 26 at the IGM art gallery, 2250 Alcazar St., second floor. For more information contact   or   call 213-705-7489

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