The USC IGM Art Gallery opened a pair of new exhibitions during a reception from 4-6 p.m. on Nov. 15.

Spiritual Matrices: Poetic Prayers & Penlight Performances by Susan Sims Hillbrand, and Free Will/Positive Moment by Mike Becker exemplify the IGM Art Gallery’s mission to incubate social capital by inspiring mindful stewardship of self, others and the planet.

Hillbrand’s exhibition, and her book from which it is derived, consists of text in the form of poetic prayers, plus photographic penlight performances. It springs from her search to gain understanding of life-affirmative human behavior and her belief that we are all capable of sharing and leveraging our inner light. The exhibit will be accompanied at the opening reception by a live presentation that includes a musical thread composed by her son, Kyle Hillbrand.

Becker’s exhibition provides text and images intended to initiate institutional transformation and motivate discussion among leaders from in both the public and private sectors. Inspired by Becker’s book of the same name, “Free Will/Positive Moment” is a self-help guide regarding reciprocal relations in interdependent systemic process. Concise, yet illustrative, the exhibition illuminates a language and thought process that enables cross departmental/cross organizational collaboration.

The IGM Art Gallery is open weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and by appointment on weekends. The Institute for Genetic Medicine is located at 2250 Alcazar Street, 2nd Floor on the USC Health Sciences Campus.  For directions and map click here

Both of the new exhibitions will continue through Feb. 26, 2016.  The exhibitions will frame the Gallery’s annual Development Forum on Sunday, February 14, to discuss Spiritual Matrices/Free Will:Uniting the People to Divide and Conquer the Challenges of Rapid Change.  Public, Private, Nonprofit, Faith-Based, Academic and Media Leaders will gather to discuss their challenges, resources and life affirmative next steps to be taken to strengthen community capacity in the areas adjacent to our two USC campuses and outward to Greater LA County.