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Alchemy of Light: Plants, Humans, the Cosmos – Systems Within Systems” Opens at the USC IGM Art Gallery

January 28, 2018 @ 8:00 am - February 19, 2018 @ 6:00 pm

On Sunday,January 28, the USC Institute for Genetic Medicine Art Gallery hosted the opening reception for the exhibition, Alchemy of Light: Plants, Humans, the Cosmos, Systems within Systems.  Contributing artists included: Naomi Scully, BFA interior Design + M.Arch, Ar(t)CHitexture + Urban Passages, Joanna Kos, Lauren Over, and Globria Peterson Plemmons.

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The event’s intention was to explore the intersection of Art, Science, Nature and their interdependent systemic order.  Music, art, and mindfulness heightened awareness of our complex human integration with Nature’s Systemic Process. For 18 years the IGMAG has focused on Global Environment  and our present geological epoch (from the time of the Industrial Revolution onwards), during which humanity has begun to have a significant impact on the environment; and the environment responding with its own significant impact.

Lead Artist, Naomi Scully discussed  how bringing art together in an exhibition like this is like bringing people together, “… the right work in a room transforms the story,” she stated.  “We are writing the story with our every word. Our every action.  I aiming to fill this room with ACTION individuals.  No competition, just synergy.”  We all need and deserve people working together in inclusive, noncompetitive, transparent and accountable collaboration, as stewards of self, others and the planet.

Joanna Kos, born in Poland, graduated with M.A. in art history from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. She worked for several years as a Senior Museum Assistant at the Wawel National Art Collection in Krakow. She lived in Europe, Australia, and the United States. In her paintings, she uses semi-abstract compositions to express the beauty and magic of the natural world. Her primary medium is oil. Joanna exhibited her work in: Pennsylvania, Virginia, California, and Maryland. Furthermore, her work is on display in numerous private collections in Poland, Australia, and the United States. She currently lives in Azusa, California.

Lauren Over’s works employ xerographic transfer and watercolor- rather ethereal media. She explores the dichotomy, coexistence and relationships between the worlds of idea/spirit/light & the denser material earth/nature. For this reason, she chose to depict mythological characters and human structures inside collages of both plant and star illustrations. Monoprints, a little like DNA, can be reproduced- but never be entirely the same as the first. The rainbow light/chakras over the statues imply the anthropomorphic energetic life behind and even within the inanimate stone sculptures of the figures. The work speaks of a continuum between the spirit and body, between the heavens and earth, between man and nature. “I feel that being grouped in the context of the other artists’ work really highlights the importance of the symbolism of the rainbow/chakra and aura-like color elements in my work,” she stated.

A very successful artist, Gloria Peterson Plemmons, left this print to Ms. Scully who chose to share it through this exhibit. The print is a pencil drawing of a Cherokee Chief. It represents the land and the people who have ancient technologies that can provide insight into our digital era.  “Somewhere between these codes we can find ourselves all on the same side: (stewards) of the earth.  Not color, but dynamics. ” This work serves to tie the three artists together.  Chief. Spirit.  Oneness,” said lead artist and curator, Naomi Scully.

Sunday’s event served to link resources and energize a lecture about an inspired creative problem solving vision.   The two disciplines of art and architecture integrated into a total concept with the goal of creating physical, mental, spiritual and socially sustainable education and projects for and with the inner cities and rural areas.  Both locations will pilot Eco Living, Water and Growing Projects.

The audience consisted of members from the ENCOUNTER LA network of networks, Moonwater Farms, Five Points Youth Foundation, SOCal Sustainable Development Goals(SC-SDG): Affordable Energy Efficient Community Development (AE2CD), The LA World Fair Steering Committee.

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For more information contact Gallery Director,  lynn.crandall@gmail.com or 213-705-7489

USC CSC Building. 2nd Floor Atrium Gallery & Harkness Assembly Hall. 2250 Alcazar Street Health Sciences Campus. Gallery is open daily M- F 8 am – 6 pm


January 28, 2018 @ 8:00 am
February 19, 2018 @ 6:00 pm


Institute for Genetic Medicine Art Gallery
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