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USC IGM Art Gallery Hosts FLOW City Event to Develop City-Wide Partnerships

March 28, 2018

Artists, musicians, digital innovators, community activists and scientists joined with FLOW City Founder, Vocalist, Crystal Wells, representing LA’s Spiritual community in the current IGM Art Gallery exhibition, MOVINGFORWARD:  Transforming Energy Through Art . 

Click on the top photo in the event slide show to proceed through the slides and captions.

Curated by Deprise Brescia, Vice President of the Paso Robles Art Association, MOVING FORWARD is composed of art from multi disciplinary artists sharing their individual journeys with a unified mission to uplift people, places and spaces through art and discussions intended to raise vibratory frequencies by merging science and spirituality.  These paths through art explore pivotal questions opening doors to new possibilities in the areas of health, wellness and the elimination of dis-ease within the body and environments.

Discusson questions include:

Can the act of creating art shift our energy, mood or vibration positively?

Does art have the power to entrain people positively?

Does art have the power to relieve dis-ease in the body?

Can we use the same subliminal techniques advertisers use with paralleled success for holistic purposes?

Can we create spaces of elevated vibrations and frequencies to positively impact our bodies and environments?

Can we measure these differences and feel significant changes through these paths?

Deprise’s Brescia’s art’s primary focus is to merge science and spirituality for their combined aesthetic beauty and energetic properties.  She coined the phrase, “Transformational Energy Art” because it has the power to positively influence or transform the energy of the viewer and environment.  All of her work is created for uplifting places and spaces.  She incorporates: quantum physics, yoga, prayer, music, meditation, feng shui, Hado work, quartz crystals, semi precious stones, affirmations, grids, shamanism and Kabbalah into her mixed media artwork.  The great minds of influence upon her include: Dr Masaru Emoto, Mother Theresa, Louise L. Hay, Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Deepak Chopra, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Malcom Gladwell, Eckhart Tolle, Paramahansa Yogananda, Jesus Christ, Carolyn Myss, Buddha and the Dalai Lama.

Creator of Vet Art, Steve Dilley, reaches out through friendship and team building.  Steve’s and The Veterans Art Project’s  process helps veterans and their families heal mind, body and spirit through art.  This creative path of bronze casting pulls the viewer into focus and action on the present moment of creativity and allows many of the vets to release the hold of pain and memories from the past that have troubled them physically, mentally, spiritually and socially.  Art’s meditative right brain activity is the healing path Steve opens for the vet/artists to follow. His process demonstrates that when one’s energy is in the present moment, focused on creation, beautiful things happen.

Linda Alterwitz-Mizrahi Linda Alterwitz is an interdisciplinary artist with diverse interests in the fields of medical research and the natural environment. Her series JUST BREATHE represents an investigation of natural science and human physiology by capturing a 30-second span of human life by photographically documenting the process of breathing. Scientific and emotional narratives are recorded and woven together to represent a reflection of human identity.

JUST BREATHE was presented as an Artist Residency Program at Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida and at their Arts in Medicine Symposium in 2015. During the residency, she photographed over 70 portraits of medical practitioners including internal medicine residents, nurses and staff and a support group from the Mayo Clinic. JUST BREATHE was included as part of the student integrative medicine curriculum, focusing on mindfulness and meditation as it relates to Art and Medicine.

It is Alterwitz’s hope that JUST BREATHE will kindle curiosity within each participant who will continuesto live within their boundaries of experience and thought. Alterwitz lives and works in Las Vegas, Nevada.


The artists’ goal is to launch this exhibition at the IGM Art Gallery with the possibility of moving forward together, or on separate paths, each of them keeping their eyes on the same prize of  prevention and healing the forms of dis-ease and promoting wellness along their path or paths.

Until our Translantional exploration takes on its own form, we cannot predict the outcome  The artists may separate into “healing art teams” with others they meet during this exhibition at the IGM AG.  They may forge bonds that hold them together or they may follow one another at their respective locations in other exhibition sites.  They are on a creative journey helping to open the minds of everyone along the way.  Sometimes the public, private, nonprofit, faith-based, academic and media viewers of their work need to hear, see and feel things multiple times in different ways to retain the information that can benefit them.  The artists aim to inform, engage and empower self-organization and mindful stewardship of self, others and the planet with their work.

Each step in this inclusive, noncompetitive, transparent and accountable process is measured through survey, feedback and overall impact on the designated demographic the artists’ explorations encounter.  The Graphic that sets off the slide show above is of the Zone Zero process, moving from the center of self out to the cosmos.  It is the work of George Szabo, Chair of the Gallery’s Documentary Committee who has been studying this process for eight years.  George will be unveiling Zone Zero shortly.  He hopes to have it on an app to be used locally and globally by all who seek to identify where they were, are and could go.  His app will show the way through confusing overwhelm and guide individuals to discover and work from their strengths.  His tool, is backed by The Decision Platform, (TDP) developed by Jim Beddows, the Gallery’s Chair of Strategic Planning.  Together these tools provide predictive analytics combined with  Zone Zero self awareness.  They will guide users to move gracefully through the systems within systems, prevent overwhelm, and become Good Shepherds!

The artists will  tailor workshops designed to transform energy through art in each of the cities to which the exhibition/s travel.  The plan is to reconnect at the IGM AG for a grand finale show that would share and explore the findings of the artists’ creative adventures along the way.  The outcome could bear a tiny resemblance to the Kingdom assignment.  That is,  each destination city gets a pay-it-forward element introduced in the cities through the boys and girls clubs,  a focused project, or public art piece that would raise awareness of how they use art to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

Children are very powerful and have such wonderful energy to do the right thing; they would gladly embrace these positive concepts and use them to help their families.  This would incorporate a ripple effect.  They would teach their families with their youthful persistence.


DEPRISE – Transformational energy art class – reminding us we can set our intentions for: health, peace, discipline, love, forgiveness, and gratitude.  Maybe we do a group mural or puzzle piece project that can be easily transported and shared.

LINDA – Breathing photo workshop – reminding us to stop and breath.  Reminding us we are all connected through breath, we share the same air and planet and in “Moving Forward” we will be mindful of our connection. As a finale project maybe the breath portraits from various destination cities could be printed on small canvases or some other easily mobile object and installed as a walk through.

STEVE – Casting the future – reminds us we are all connected. Maybe Steve’s focus on this one, is the youth of service people or families holding hands and arms as we help each other along the way. Maybe the arms and hands connect and at the finale they form a huge circular chain reminding us we are all connected; because we are one, we could all be “Moving Forward” together.

GEORGE SZABO-  teaching his Zone Zero app process

JIM BEDDOWS and his team – webinars awakening understanding of The Decision Platform – a tool to enhance choice making using predictive analytics

ROBERT SALINAS – Demonstrating his digital learning games

AMADO SALINAS – Demonstrating how we expand our “fishing with fishing poles” to develop full personal and social potential through collaborative partnerships in building and sustaining rich living environments

MICHAEL RENDLER- Demonstrating GIS tools and applications to ensure mindful gentrification for blanced communities living and working in harmony.

CRYSTAL WELLS – Bringing the community together, helping all to lay their burdens down and embrace love and light.  Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Crystal Wells and her team of mindful, spiritual leaders can, as her name indicates, lead on the path to wellness!


March 28, 2018
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USC IGM Art Gallery
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